April 2024 Employee of the Month

We are excited to announce that Rachael Slap, Wraparound Therapist has been selected as the Employee of the Month of April!

Rachael goes above and beyond to advocate for her clients and families, provides ethical and quality care. Rachael has played many different roles beyond a therapist in her teams whenever needed and collaborates with her team members to meet the needs of her clients. She shows up authentically, wearing her heart on both sleeves. She builds rapport, trust, and safety with her clients and sees their strengths and potential. Her caregivers/parents admire her optimism to continuously cheer on her clients and her work ethic by following through on her words. She works well with her peers through communication, thoughtfulness, and contagious energy. No job role or tasks is below her. Rachael steps in when she sees something can be done and finds a way to complete it. She comes with constructive feedback, open to exploring solutions and focuses on what she is able to do for herself and her team and clients.

Congratulations Rachael Slap for being recognized as the Employee of the Month!