June 2024 Employee of the Month

We are excited to announce that Araceli Ortiz, Lead Quality Improvement Specialist has been selected as the Employee of the Month of June!

Araceli has been with Aviva for 18 years but came to the QI Department in 2020. She quickly showed herself as an asset to the team. Araceli is detail orientated, organized and accountable, some of the many reasons she was promoted to Lead Specialist in 2023. In the absence of a QI Director, Araceli has taken on more and more responsibility to ensure the department is running smoothly and staff are feeling supported. She is always willing to take the lead on projects and to learn new things. She is great leader, advocates, and holds her staff accountable. She is a team player, very collaborative, and holds herself to the highest standards.

Congratulations Araceli Ortiz for being recognized as the Employee of the Month of June!