Intensive Community Based Services

When families and children are in crisis, we encourage and empower them to heal.  Through mental health services and strength-based support, together we identify a path to preserve family unity.

How we do it:

  • Team-based, multidisciplinary services
  • Individualized family plans
  • Collaborative, family-centered treatment
  • Community-based

Providing stability for our most vulnerable children

Julia is a survivor. Placed in three different homes over two years, Julia had a history of self-harm and had been hospitalized for suicidal ideation. At age 14, she began receiving services from Aviva. She participated in a program that serves children with open cases with the Department of Children and Family Services who have had difficulties maintaining a stable foster home placement for an extended period of time.

As Julia connected with her Aviva team and opened up to her therapist, she was able to process powerful thoughts and feelings about her past trauma. Working directly with a rehabilitation specialist, Julia learned how to confront the triggers that led to her self-harm. Over time, she was able to replace destructive behaviors with healthier coping skills.

Julia made remarkable progress. There was however one more important step for Julia – reunification with her father. Aviva provided support for Julia and her father in preparation for the reunion. Together they anticipated possible challenges and created action plans to assist with possible setbacks. Thanks to this thoughtful planning, Julia’s reunification with her father was successful.

Today Julia is on track to graduate high school. By working with Aviva, she is more positively invested in her future and living an even happier, healthier life than she thought possible.


(updated October 2023)
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